Haldast is a full service contracting business. We can do everything from handyman work to new homes from the ground up. If you think of it we have more than likely done it.

Randall Rutledge

Randall’s bio. Randall has been in the Construction industry for more than 30 years with a few breaks in that timeline for the Army and running other businesses. It all started with a summer job doing drywall work at the age of 13.

Business Contact
email: randall@haldast.com
phone: 770.265.5540
Tim Smith

Tim’s first job in the construction industry was at age 16 where he was a carpenter’s helper. He helped build log cabins for the Boy’s Club of America. After that were other summer jobs, college, and running his own gymnastics center. In 2003, Tim entered back into the construction industry and has been there ever since.

Business Contact
email: tim@haldast.com
phone: 770.310.4830